Foggy Daze

Foggy Daze

     Rock and Roll outfit, Foggy Daze, hail from California's Bay Area mixing classic rock, blues, folk, soul, and funk influences to create more than 30 original songs which enliven and depict the times.

     Rising out of the Fog in 2007, a band called uXo was created with guitarist Jared Selvin,  poet/lyricist/drummer Terrance "The Colonel" Klink and bassist/guitarist Mike Cooper. The trio would meet at Lennon Studio’s in San Francisco to inhale pizza purchased with counterfeit coupons, drink beer and write songs, more for fun than anything else.

     In 2009, things became more serious when they joined forces with powerhouse alto vocalist and guitarist, Bree Desmond, to create The Bar Chords (TBC), who relentlessly and collaboratively arranged and wrote music to prepare for their live launch. 

    In 2010, Bree's sister, Kara "Teach" Desmond, joined the mix as soprano backing vocalist and steady percussionist. This rounded out the band's sound and TBC were ready to ROCK!

    TBC played around the Bay Area in 2011 and spent countless hours perfecting their craft through performing, recording, and mixing their own first CD, "Bridges," which was released in 2012.   

      Early in 2013, a dynamic and funky drummer, Dominic "Dominator" Rivelli, joined the band. His hyperactivity and drive, coupled with his knowledge of rhythm and good shirts, began to open the band up and take TBC into new territories.   

      In 2014, TBC released their second CD "Daydream", which was recorded and mixed by Eric Haas at Lightrail Studio’s in SF and mastered by the legendary George Horn out of Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The album, bookended by the hit "Livin’ the Dream", shows the varied influences of the band as it shifts from classic rock to hard rock, then off to psychedelia and folk, all while keeping pace with modern times.  Each song has a vibration of its own and a feeling you won't soon forget.

      After playing behind the momentum of Daydream and painstakingly tightening their sound, TBC recorded "Real Time Sessions". Mostly cut live in various Bay Area studios, "Real Time Sessions" fully captures TBC in those special moments where rock was made.

      In the fall of 2015, a smooth, funky bass player and recording engineer named Sean Fenton, joined TBC adding to the new, invigorating live sound that makes magic in your ears.

     Jennifer Keeling came on to the scene a few years back and completed our fantastic female vocal triad. She brings to the stage both low and high harmonies with supreme pitch. 

     TBC released two songs from the "Real Time Sessions" recordings in early 2016 as a means to whet your appetite while they begin to record their next full length album.



      Eric Harris joined in on the good times in 2017 adding soulful, drippy guitar and sweet vocals to mix. With new tunes in the works and a different sound, TBC decided to change their name to Foggy Daze at the end of 2018.

      Just like the rock music of the 60's and 70's, Foggy Daze will stand the test of time. Their music has an ever-evolving life of its own because all the musicians involved truly love what music can do and have come to know the power in sharing that with others.